It’s a Wild Globe… and we are all on it!


Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, weather too cold, weather too hot, people going after each other for no apparent reason… what is going on here?  Life used to be so tame… someone would have to be VERY WISE to create a beacon of light for a world that sometimes seems so dark and unpredictable… but it can be done…. we can all try to create beacons of light for each other.

But how?

For starters, let’s remember that we are all connected.  For this statement I have to give credit to a certain Rabbi who has a talk about this on Torah Anytime… he says, that with human beings, it’s ‘all one fabric’… meaning, according to how I heard his talk, that although we appear to be separate beings and often feel miles apart, ideologically, and are often so, distance-wise, we are actually continuations of each other, to some degree.

I would credit him here but he might prefer privacy to acknowledgment.  I have to guess on this decision.

So, it will be of concern to many of us if a lot of people get creamed across the world somewhere in a mudslide, even if we never met them or never heard of their town’s name.  We are all part of one continuous fabric.

sun peeking through grey clouds

When we work together to make sure everyone is safe and happy and make the effort to be sensitive to each other, then we find there is a sun peeking through the grey clouds of catastrophes that are beyond our control, and it is shedding light that reaches all the way down to our human, limited level.  We can make the darkest night light again.

We can experience the opportunity for new growth and help others do the same.

Look for beacons.  Be a beacon.

Seven things to remember:

Worship only the Higher Power

Respect His Name – don’t say bad things about Him

Repect Human Life

Respect the Traditional Family

Respect Others’ Property and especially don’t take people away from their loved ones against the will of their loved ones

Kindness to Animals (most specifically, not to eat flesh from a living animal)

Establish JUST courts of law

This is not to sound square or heavy.  Rather, these are guidelines that can serve as a beacon for each person without being too burdensome, and we all know nobody is perfect. Some guidelines are more important than others.  It is just a place to start.  These are the Seven Laws given to all descendants of Noah… e.g. to all humanity.  They came into effect, to be taught to and understood by all, when Moses received the Tablets on Mt. Sinai.  It’s not tough.  It is a way to keep life normal on a wild globe.  The wilder the natural world and some regrettable situations in society get, the more crucial it will be for each person to have that inner beacon to keep life normal for himself/herself and those he/she influences.

Thanks to for explaining these commandments better.

buds on twig from street in CH